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about ME

Ever since my childhood, I have held a deep fascination for movies, games, technology, and the world of visual effects. This passion was ignited by my encounter with the video game "Metal Gear Solid" in 1998, and further solidified by my experience watching "The Matrix". Witnessing the remarkable results achieved through technological advancements left me with the perennial question of "How do they do that?". With the advent of my first PC, internet access, and a camera, I began to explore software such as FX-Home, Particles Illusion, Adobe After Effects, and Nuke.


Upon completing high school, I relocated to Hollywood at the age of 20 to attend directing and post-production classes at UCLA. With an eagerness to learn and a strong determination to bring my passion to life, I quickly gained fluency in the language of visual effects and landed several opportunities to work alongside award-winning artists and productions. Since 2012, my focus has remained on striving for excellence, honing my craft, and working on a variety of international projects.


In 2016, while working in Canada, I obtained the O1-B visa (VISA for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement), enabling me to work for prestigious companies such as Technicolor, Rodeo FX, Mr X, as well as engage in various freelance collaborations.

I find great joy in capturing the nuances and subtleties of the world around us, and how these can be utilized to tell compelling stories and evoke powerful emotions. My ongoing exploration of the art of visual effects has only deepened my passion for this field, and I am committed to channelling all of my energy, skills, and creativity towards achieving my objectives and discovering the beauty of the world through my work.

Another key event was meeting one of the most influent characters in the VFX scene, Steve Wright. Steve is a mentor and master since the early ages of computer graphic, and writer of the so-called "bible of the visual effects": the book "Digital Compositing for Film and Video", now at its fourth edition. I learned a lot from his book through these years, and his friendship is now a massive encouragement on diving deeper and deeper in the art of the visual effects.

2012: when everything started.

I moved to Hollywood after high school diploma at the age of 20, lived the "American dream" and got to know incredible people I wouldn't ever think of meeting in my life. A new language, a whole different place, another mentality. Everything was new and fascinating, and right there my first job experience in production with one of the biggest youtuber of all times: Freddie Wong. I worked for his iconic series Video Game High School that literally launched me into my ongoing career.

My determination to pursue a career in the VFX industry brought me all around US, Italy, and Canada, to live an unimaginable amount of experiences and meeting some of the most important characters in the industry.

While I was working at RodeoFx Los Angeles in 2018, I had the honor and privilege to meet John Nelson, VFX supervisor and Oscar winner for Blade Runner 2049. Metting him and holding that statuette, gave me a feeling I never experienced in my life. At that moment I heard a voice in my head saying "you are in the right path, keep up the hard work". My life has been twisted entirely from when I started this incredible adventure in 2012, and this was one of the key moments I will never forget.

i'm a citizen of the world

I lived and worked in Italy, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Montreal.

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