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Having an on-set supervisor is more than essential. Supervision means a better looking result, on-time post-production delivery, and letting the artists work flawlessly concerning about the creative process, instead of solving frustrating and time-consuming problems. I work closely with the Director and the DOP to give birth to the magic in the easiest and fastest way possible. You are in good hands.



I'm a digital compositor with more than 6 years of experience in production, commercials, and TV-Series. I worked in many facilities all around Italy, Los Angeles, and Toronto. My keen eye for details and perseverance are what my clients most love about me. You can ask them by yourself. I'm super passionate, teamwork lover, I've great communication skills and I deliver my work on time, no matter where I am in the world, and my clients are the proof of what I just said.

pro equipment

Z370 Pro Based Desktop for enhanced performance and reliability.


Overclocked 12 core CPU, super-fast graphics powered by GTX1080, 64Gb of DDR4 Ram and NVME drives for cache and footage.


Professional portable workstation for on-the-go intense tasks. Latest i7 8700k, GTX1080, NVME SSD and cache drive + 32Gb Ram.


I'm always ready to accomplish great results, even on the airplane. No excuses. 



Your footage is important and it needs to be handled with extreme  care. From upon receiving to delivery, your footage is secured and kept private.

I use a safe VPN with double encryption to download and upload every asset, whenever it's coming from Aspera, FTP or any other platform.

The work is secured and protected with daily backups, and I've everything needed to keep working with super fast hardware and stay on track with the delivery, anytime.


I have experience as outsource compositor for many projects and different companies all around the globe, I gained the trust from major post-production facilities such as Mr.X Inc. and Technicolor Inc, that are 2 of my mainly recurrent clients.

All my clients trust me and on my professional skills. I do strictly respect NDR, contracts and I'm always in search for feedbacks to grown my artistic and technical skills. 


recurring clients

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