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I'm an on-set Supervisor and Compositor for Feature Films, TV-Series, and Commercials. My compositing works are mostly showcased in theaters, but also on Netflix, Amazon Prime, IMAX, Hulu, USA-network, FX, YouTube RED, and other platforms, in projects like Stranger Things S3, Sonic, 1917, Aquaman, Shazam!, The Aeronauts, and many more. I'm used to work in AAA production pipelines, and i have a deep knowledge of  advanced compositing techniques using both Nuke and After Effects.


I'm an outsource collaborator since 2012. I worked on many projects all around the globe, and I know that the first and most important rule of this game is keeping the footage safe and secure. From upon receiving to delivery, all files are secured, stored and kept private at any time.

I use a certified VPN with double encryption to download and transfer every asset, no matter if it's coming through Aspera, FTP or any other sharing platform. My studio is a safe space with no access to the public, that grants privacy and a fast and reliable fiber internet connection.


I quickly gained the trust of some of the major post-production facilities such as MPC, Mr.X, RodeoFX, and Technicolor, which are some of my most recurring clients. 

Thanks to my professionality, I've been recognized as a "Technicolor registered vendor" that allowed me to work from remote on many projects during the years. I promptly respond to emails, I'm proactive and problem solver, while providing detailed and specific notes and briefs on tasks and shot deliveries.


You will feel like as I'm working right next to your desk.


Professional custom made desktop for fast performance and reliability.

Portable workstation for on-the-go, and on-set intense tasks.


Personal server and backup solutions.

I'm always ready to composite great shots, no matter where in the world

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